The Places Where You Can Hire Great Designers

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There are talented designers from all around the world. Some have already made a trademark in the industry while some are still striving to be known. But all of them have the skills that will give you an awe-inspiring outcome. Do you know where great designers can be found? Here are four countries where you can hire great designers.

The United States of America

As you can see on television, most of the interior design shows are from the USA. There are also well-known schools for design there. Winners from TV show contest for interior designs are given attention there as well. If you would be asked about interior design I know you’ll talk about the United States. One of the world’s best designers last 2015 Kelly Wearstler lives here. She is dubbed by New Yorker as “The presiding grande dame of West Coast Interior Designs”.


England is well known for its culture and heritage. There are many historical places that are known in England. There are also many brilliantly acclaimed designers from this Country. Just like Kelly Hoppen, author, and proprietor of Kelly Hoppen’s Interiors. There are also well popular interior design schools in England.


France is a country filled with arts and the like. Many well-known artists are from this country. But not only is it well known for its artist but for its designers as well. France is a popular country for fashion. It is known to be the fashion capital of the world. But not only is it catching attention in this kind of art, it also is well known for its interiors. There is great beauty in every detail that you can see in the different buildings of popular places in France. One of the well-known designers from France is Jean Louis Deniot. He is on the 100 list of best designers in the world.


One of the growing countries today in the world is the Philippines. Filipinos have been known to be one of the most talented people in the world. And we can find here many talented blooming designers. Most of them as freelancers have made their name known internationally. Some of them may not be known worldwide but they cater to their own particular audience that their expertise is given praise.

Some work in the shadows despite having great talent. We can also say that Filipinos have what it takes to rock in the field of interior design. The Philippines has a richly diverse culture that is also from the culture of different countries. Long ago it was colonized by a few countries having some of the countries cultures adopted by it. That is why we can see many architectural infrastructures which are almost the same in other countries.

And here we have the four countries where you can hire designers with great talent. You can have your own say about the countries but this is what I can give you. Learn more about them to see their great heritage.