The Importance of Art in Fashion

Art and fashion go hand in hand because fashion is a form of art and fashion designers will agree on this one because, in order to create an extraordinary piece of clothing, you need to have an artistic soul. After all we believe:

Art and fashion are the two most important things in the world.

Art and fashion are in love today more than always and no one can deny the connection between these two most important things in the world. We say important because, without art, the earth would be just ‘eh’ and a very boring place to live in. Can you imagine the world without art? Neither can we and neither can fashion designers because art plays a big part in the process of creating fashionable pieces.

As for the fashion, it’s also important because it makes people feel comfortable as they are wearing a second skin. However, let’s not forget that everyone has a different sense of style and different needs and desires when it comes to fashion. And that’s where art kicks to meet all different styles.

Most fashion designers have an artistic soul that help them create masterpieces on the catwalk

We all know that art doesn’t supposed to be perfect to be beautiful and cause certain emotions while admiring, however, same goes for fashion. That’s why most fashion designers chose to go with the flow and create masterpieces on the catwalk, directly inspired by fine art.

Anyway, aside from the unbreakable bond between fashion and art, there are a few differences that are undeniable. Art is supposed to be timeless and original, while fashion is often changing with the seasons and often copies or steals trends and ideas.

And that’s why those who go with the flow and let their artistic spirit do the designs, are more famous and successful, while those who steal and copy ideas are falling like a house of cards. This shows how important art in fashion really is and proves the undeniable bond between these two beautiful things.

Every fashion designer must have drawing skills

According to fashion designers, everyone who wants to become successful and express their creative artistic side on the catwalk must know how to draw. And what is drawing if not art? This leads to the conclusion that fashion designers don’t just create works of art but also art that’s transformed into something that needs to make people feel like wearing a second skin.

Marc Jacobs once said – “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them” and according to his quotation, we came to realize that art is a way of survival because, without art, fashion designers wouldn’t be able to create clothes that fit everyone’s personality and style.

Fashion Designers Bring Art to Life

Some designers even tend to take famous paintings, reimage them with live models and recreate works of art or in other words – they bring art to life and create masterpieces thanks to artists. Alexandra McQueen, for example, is known for the extraordinary, creative and over the top designs that are worn by celebrities and exposed in many museums around the world. His work is just another proof that art is quite important in fashion and certainly plays a big part into fashion’s history.