Emergency Dental Care

Toothaches and various tooth damages are capable of happening at just about anytime. These pains and aches come without so much as a simple warning and the end result can be extremely painful. It is even worse when this unpleasant situation arises while you are busy at your place of employment or if you happen to be involved in a very important project.

At these times it seems like an eternity before you are able to break away from your immediate work and quickly seek medical or dental help in resolving your problem.

If this has not happen to you then you should consider yourself to be extremely lucky. Perhaps your children or spouse has not been as fortunate as you. In either case, these toothaches can occur at some of the most inopportune times and to anyone without cause or reason. In situations such as these it is a very good idea to always be ready with an alternate means of emergency dental care which you can put to use until such time as you can break from your task and visit the family dentist.


Acupressure represents one of these emergency means that you should become familiar with. You can readily use this procedure at home to achieve a temporary relief from the pain associated with your toothache. Another quick remedy is the application of cold compresses. This can often be especially effective in the event that your gums and the surrounding areas are highly inflamed. The application of these cold compresses directly to the painful area not only helps drastically towards relieving the pain but it also lessens the related inflammation.

Another means by which you can be properly prepared to meet any unrepentant dental emergencies such as a tooth breakage or chips in the enamel is to keep the dental information close at hand. Any of these problems could quickly escalate into a full blown toothache or result in a possible broken tooth. This information should include the name and address as well as a telephone number of the nearest dental clinic or facility. Keep in mind that accidents and unanticipated emergencies can often cause undue panic and distress. The posting of this local dental facilities contact and their telephone numbers would be highly advisable. I always like to keep these names and numbers highly visible within my home as well as in the office area.

If you were to Google emergency dental procedures you would quickly discover an abundance of various procedures and techniques that have been tried and tested to relieve the pain associated with tooth problems until the opportunity is available to seek a professional’s assistance. Failing to fall into a state of panic is your best course of action as you want to keep a clear head in order to devise the best solution to your emergency situation.

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