How to Choose a Great Title for your Artwork

A great artist can create an amazing artwork. And with the artwork comes the most suitable Title for it. Most artists have short or one word titles. Some have a sentence. Some have names of people. But what really makes up a good title for most art pieces. Artists have their own unique way of naming their masterpieces. Try these tips in choosing a great title for your artworks.

Naming it by the Theme

Most artists today are naming their artworks by what theme is. It might be about the trees in the forest, the weather or what people are doing. From those things, you can make a title for your artworks that are about them. Try doing so and see if it fits your work.

Naming the Art by the Model’s Name

This is one way to give your artwork a title. And this also helps in the popularity of the person you have drawn, painted or sketched. It might be traditionally or digitally. This is one simple way of naming your masterpiece as a beginner.

Naming it by the Objects

This is a simple way of giving a title to your art. Try naming it by the object mostly drawn in the art piece. This way people will understand more about your artwork through the title. This way you won’t need to explain what it is about.

Naming the Art by What it Portrays

What your art shows can give you an idea of what title to give it. That way when the audience sees your work, they might have an idea as to what its title is. This way you can also easily understand it just like naming it by the object which is common in the art.


Naming it by Emotions

What do you feel when you have done your art? Are you happy because of something? Or are you angered by someone? Are you in love with a person? These emotions can give you an idea of what the title of your artwork will be. You see, most artworks are created because of how the artist feels. And so, this is a good way of naming your art.

Naming the Art by the Place You are Painting, Drawing, or Sketching

Some artworks are named by the place it is being drawn. This can be memorable because it’s as if your taking a replica of the whole place that you are painting. It’s as if your taking a picture of the place as well only that it is copied by imperfect hands. An imperfect copy I can say. But one which is beautiful since it was made by a person’s hard work.

Here now we have tips on what how to give your artwork a great name. These are just some ways. You can find out on your own as you create your masterpiece with imagination, creativity, and love. Artist work with passion. Great masterpieces are filled with love. Strive for the best.

How Website Design Can Affect Your Business

In this modern world, a company’s website is the one most important marketing tool to have. It not only serves as the face of your brand but also holds the key to your success. If you want to have a successful online business, be ready to impress.

Website design can make or break your business. So, if you want your website design to have a positive impact on your business; you must work on these key things:

User experience

Having an organized, easy to follow website should be your number priority. First impressions really matter when it comes to websites. It only takes seconds for a visitor to decide if they want to stay on your site or move elsewhere. If you make it hard for them to navigate through your website, they will get frustrated and leave.

Hence, your website navigation needs to be clear, well-structured and intuitive.

The world is going mobile, so it’s crucial for businesses to create websites where users can access it from any device.


Creating great content cannot be emphasized enough. People have zero patience for badly written content, full of spelling and grammatical errors. Still, consumers won’t spend their time on irrelevant, boring content that adds no value to them. What they want is useful information that can solve their problems.

So, focus on creating content that is useful, engaging and resonates with the consumer.


Humans are visual creatures so what they see can impact your business negatively or positively. As harsh as this may sound, people will always judge a book by its cover. Visually appealing websites definitely attract more attention.

Remember visuals go beyond pictures and colors. It’s the fonts, the white space, the visual balance and the shapes. And if web users can identify with your website, you are on the right track of a successful venture.

Social Buttons

Having social media buttons on your website goes a long way in proving your company’s credibility. It’s also a great opportunity to increase your company’s online presence. Once a visitor reads your article, likes it and shares it, more visitors will start trickling in.

The Places Where You Can Hire Great Designers

There are talented designers from all around the world. Some have already made a trademark in the industry while some are still striving to be known. But all of them have the skills that will give you an awe-inspiring outcome. Do you know where great designers can be found? Here are four countries where you can hire great designers.

The United States of America

As you can see on television, most of the interior design shows are from the USA. There are also well-known schools for design there. Winners from TV show contest for interior designs are given attention there as well. If you would be asked about interior design I know you’ll talk about the United States. One of the world’s best designers last 2015 Kelly Wearstler lives here. She is dubbed by New Yorker as “The presiding grande dame of West Coast Interior Designs”.


England is well known for its culture and heritage. There are many historical places that are known in England. There are also many brilliantly acclaimed designers from this Country. Just like Kelly Hoppen, author, and proprietor of Kelly Hoppen’s Interiors. There are also well popular interior design schools in England.


France is a country filled with arts and the like. Many well-known artists are from this country. But not only is it well known for its artist but for its designers as well. France is a popular country for fashion. It is known to be the fashion capital of the world. But not only is it catching attention in this kind of art, it also is well known for its interiors. There is great beauty in every detail that you can see in the different buildings of popular places in France. One of the well-known designers from France is Jean Louis Deniot. He is on the 100 list of best designers in the world.


One of the growing countries today in the world is the Philippines. Filipinos have been known to be one of the most talented people in the world. And we can find here many talented blooming designers. Most of them as freelancers have made their name known internationally. Some of them may not be known worldwide but they cater to their own particular audience that their expertise is given praise.

Some work in the shadows despite having great talent. We can also say that Filipinos have what it takes to rock in the field of interior design. The Philippines has a richly diverse culture that is also from the culture of different countries. Long ago it was colonized by a few countries having some of the countries cultures adopted by it. That is why we can see many architectural infrastructures which are almost the same in other countries.

And here we have the four countries where you can hire designers with great talent. You can have your own say about the countries but this is what I can give you. Learn more about them to see their great heritage.

Essential Tips for Young and Aspiring Graphic Designers

Starting out on any career path is not easy. But since everyone must start somewhere, there’s always hope. If you don’t know where to start in your graphic design career, freelancing is a good option. There are so many businesses out there looking for individuals with your skill sets. It’s up to you to find them.

But for you to attract and keep clients you must:

Be innovative

In this line of business, you must come up with something unique and innovative for people to notice your work. Creativity alone won’t just cut it. Clients are looking for that special seed of an innovative idea to help them gain a competitive edge in their respective fields.

Be easy going

Clients want someone who they can work with. It doesn’t matter how innovative or creative you are, you must be willing to listen to clients. Having a know-it-all attitude just to prove your worth won’t get you anywhere. Relax, you are just starting out.

Make sure you understand your clients’ needs before undertaking any project. By doing so, you will provide them with the end results they wanted.

Listen to feedback without being emotional

When clients give you a negative feedback, try not to overreact. Instead, use the feedback to reflect and improve your performance. Remember you are just starting out and you have a long way to go. So look at it as a minor setback and continue looking for ways to improve your design skills.

Learn something new every day

Graphic design is a competitive field and requires a wide range of skills and abilities. Try and learn a new skill every day if you want to take your career to another level. Master at least two or more skill set in graphic design. Being a well rounded graphic designer will give you a competitive edge among other players in the field.

Although, practice doesn’t always make perfect, it sure does help. Sometimes offer to do a project for free just to sharpen your skills. You can offer to help your friend in the same field do his projects. Just do anything to sharpen your skills.

Continually sharpening your skills can bring you nothing but good things.

Attributes of a Good Designer

Designers around the world are unique in every way from each other. There may be similarities but there will always be something different about them that make it their trademark. It’s like twins having the same physical appearance but also having a characteristic in each one that is different from the other. Here, we’ll be discussing the common good qualities that all interior designers have. Let me give you five of the most common characteristics of a good designer.

Attentiveness of Spectators

In this attribute, the designer should know who he is selling his design to. The awareness of his client makes him/her more knowledgeable of what he has to create. It can also help him to know if he meets the expectations of the audience that he is working for.

Each design should meet the interests of the person you are working for. Most of the designs made by designers have the likes and dislikes of their client. Each client is distinctive in their own way, making this one of the factors that makes a stunning design. This is one factor that makes up the design as a whole.

A Love for their Work

Every person has their drive to do work. But if you do your work out of love for it, then it will make things easier. Loving your work gives you positive vibes in doing it. It keeps you going because you are happy with what you are doing. You feel good in having your work letting you do the job without stress and with optimism. Love for work is equal to a productive healthy job.

Being Artistic and Creative

There will be no design without your imagination. This is where being artistic and creative comes in. Having the knowledge of what the client wants and the information about the place isn’t enough. Without creativity and artistry, the design will just be plain and ordinary.

Designers are what they are because they have the imagination and passion for the art of designing. They have minds that are outside of the box. Their creativity bursts out of their head showing their wonderful works through their designs.


Designers are doing business using their creativity and Artistry and there should be no personal gains. They should give a good output and have done several awe-inspiring works. Through this, they have known locality or internationally. They should have a good reputation from their clients.

Being Knowledgeable of his Field

As a designer, one has to have knowledge about their studied field and the changing trends of their business. Every year there are new types of styles being made and as a designer, they have to be updated. They have to do research on the new styles and trends that are going their way. This just makes them adaptable to the changing society.

So those are the five common qualities of a good interior designer. Many have been on top and some are still at the beginning. Old or new they have this same trait that make them great.

The Importance of Art in Fashion

Art and fashion go hand in hand because fashion is a form of art and fashion designers will agree on this one because, in order to create an extraordinary piece of clothing, you need to have an artistic soul. After all we believe:

Art and fashion are the two most important things in the world.

Art and fashion are in love today more than always and no one can deny the connection between these two most important things in the world. We say important because, without art, the earth would be just ‘eh’ and a very boring place to live in. Can you imagine the world without art? Neither can we and neither can fashion designers because art plays a big part in the process of creating fashionable pieces.

As for the fashion, it’s also important because it makes people feel comfortable as they are wearing a second skin. However, let’s not forget that everyone has a different sense of style and different needs and desires when it comes to fashion. And that’s where art kicks to meet all different styles.

Most fashion designers have an artistic soul that help them create masterpieces on the catwalk

We all know that art doesn’t supposed to be perfect to be beautiful and cause certain emotions while admiring, however, same goes for fashion. That’s why most fashion designers chose to go with the flow and create masterpieces on the catwalk, directly inspired by fine art.

Anyway, aside from the unbreakable bond between fashion and art, there are a few differences that are undeniable. Art is supposed to be timeless and original, while fashion is often changing with the seasons and often copies or steals trends and ideas.

And that’s why those who go with the flow and let their artistic spirit do the designs, are more famous and successful, while those who steal and copy ideas are falling like a house of cards. This shows how important art in fashion really is and proves the undeniable bond between these two beautiful things.

Every fashion designer must have drawing skills

According to fashion designers, everyone who wants to become successful and express their creative artistic side on the catwalk must know how to draw. And what is drawing if not art? This leads to the conclusion that fashion designers don’t just create works of art but also art that’s transformed into something that needs to make people feel like wearing a second skin.

Marc Jacobs once said – “Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them” and according to his quotation, we came to realize that art is a way of survival because, without art, fashion designers wouldn’t be able to create clothes that fit everyone’s personality and style.

Fashion Designers Bring Art to Life

Some designers even tend to take famous paintings, reimage them with live models and recreate works of art or in other words – they bring art to life and create masterpieces thanks to artists. Alexandra McQueen, for example, is known for the extraordinary, creative and over the top designs that are worn by celebrities and exposed in many museums around the world. His work is just another proof that art is quite important in fashion and certainly plays a big part into fashion’s history.